Old Students Organisation

The Old students of VIVEKANANDA CENTENARY HIGH SCHOOL, formed an organization (1983-84) X class Batch in the year 2010 after 25 years they left the school who are well placed in different fields. The Motto of this Organization is to strengthen the school and to extend helping hand to the management for the Noble cause of Imparting Value Based Quality Education to the poor sections of the Society. This batch extended support in fulfilling the needs of the school and a source of inspiration to the other batches of students and decided to meet Every Year in January to fulfill the needs of the School. Inspired by this batch of students many more Old Students are coming into contact.

The Students can enroll their names in Prescribed Format and they may contact us for further details

Contact Number

Sri A.V.R.Prasad
+91 9052 437 537
Sri Chinnam Prasad (Convenor)
1983-84 Batch Student
+91 9247 864 544
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