English Medium Activities

English Medium Activities
Many programs are being organized to develop patriotism and nationalism among the students.
Conducts Maths Expo Every year to create Mathematical Temper among the students.
Conducts Elections in a Democratic manner to elect the School Pupil Leader.
Organizes mock parliament every year in the month of March to create awareness on the functioning of assembly and parliament.
Conducting Bhagavad - Gita sloka classes which promotes humanity, tolerance and forgiveness towards life.
We encourage the students to take on leadership roles.
We participated in TTD exams and won prizes.
Our students participated in Balotsav Conducting state level competitions and won prizes in different zones.
We encourage the students in traditional way by conducting the Kuchipudi classes and developing our Ancient Culture.
Karate and Stick fight Self-defense programmes helps to become physically, emotionally fit and boost confidence.
By conducting Meditation classes is a practice that involves focusing on their aims.
Self motivation & self discipline classes are regularly conducted to focus each and every student's behavior.
Conducting a combination of mental and physical moral classes.
Participated in the Jagruti event for five years conducted by RAMAKRISHNA MISSION, VIJAYAWADA.
Conducting Vocal music Classes
Conducting Chess classes to improve the students logical and analytical techniques and they won the National level prizes in it.
Conducting the summer camps to the students to improve their skills.
Conducts Science Exhibitions every year to bring out the scientific talent in the students.
Conducts “School day” in a very big way in February every year to show case the inherent talent among the students.